Learn to type quickly on a QWERTY keyboard


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  • Program license Free
  • Version 11.0
  • Size 4.30 MB
  • Works under: Windows 10
  • Program available in English
  • Program by TypingMaster

Increase the speed of your typing along with the accuracy of the words on the screen with TypingMaster.

This is a program for those who might not have all of the typing skills that they need to complete an essay or a document but who need to write something in a professional manner. It's easy to use for someone who hasn't been on a computer that much and doesn't know how to quickly type, as they might not know of the proper finger placement in order to get to all of the keys while making sure the words appear on the screen as they should.

Typing lessons are included with the program so that you get an idea as to how to increase your speed and how to make sure all of the letters that you enter combine to make words instead of letters being left out or misplaced. After you have taken your lessons and any tests that are given, you will receive feedback that can help you improve your typing skills a bit more until you are comfortable with creating documents and other important papers that you need to print or submit online. There are recommendations offered based on the areas where you need to improve so that you aren't spending a lot of time on something that you don't need to learn.

The program includes three different modes of learning. One mode features practice tests and lessons while another includes a few exercises that show you the proper finger placement. You can also play a few games if you feel more comfortable in a relaxed learning environment instead of one that is more like school.


  • Informational lessons about aspects of typing
  • Fun typing games
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Lessons are short
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